She, locked in passion

With the upright lingam of truth,

Licks and slowly writhes, coaxing

Fountains of steaming ejaculated bliss.
― Alex Grey (via sublimesea)
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so the other night I dreamt solely of masturbating, and could never reach a climax.. how tormenting for me. I feel I need more, but cannot have it the way I want.. deprived and unsatisfied. I don’t know where all these feelings are building up to, although I have an idea.. I need a shift or change, I want to be unrestrained.. free to frolic, creating my magic along the way. This life I live is something like a circle I’ve orbited long enough.. it’s making me dizzy and sick, confused..wondering what direction I am going. Perhaps I would be better back at square one? I cannot know until I’ve tried, right? But once I move forward, there is no going back.. so I pace my self, and see how life unfolds. Even if I already know the answer to all my questions, I deny myself my own freedom because I am guilty.

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I wish I could confirm my questions

with clear answers

to these complex questions

I have no words

just feelings beyond expression

my actions speak for me

although I still don’t know what that means

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bless this heart and mind of mine

how it runs me ramped

back and forth

seeking a solution

only to find myself

in the same place

where am I going?

when will I be there?

who am I to be?

wandering aimlessly

trusting my lack of direction

following a path

only I can see..

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peekaboo is essentially just making fun of babies for not understanding object permanence 

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May everyone see the sight of their bodies’ and (mentally or aloud) exclaim

'Daaamn, I really do have a body of a goddess”

truly, I am elated each time I do!

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today the sun


a page was


I am reborn

with each breathe

a new potential

to be


than before

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