more exciting news.. my bestest friend has started his own business *Kaizen* and will be featuring my art on his art/philosophy blog in the very near future.. also I will be doing album art work for one of the bands he is managing! I will keep y’all updated on that progress because it should be rad! I love networking, so by all means.. let’s all work together to fuel our passions, so we may grow in unity!

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I am fascinated by the cards the universe has dealt me this cycle.. I have these new potentials in my life and they could all go many it relationships or my jobs, yanno these vital aspects of living, I feel a shift (always shifting though). It’s time to shift seasons too, which makes me super happy as well.. so I know by the time December rolls around, a lot will have changed or come to fruition.  For me, December is a time for big things, has been for years. I’m  just going to keep on riding out this wave in bliss, while doing my best to maintain harmony for all.  And on this wave, I also know.. I am playing with fire, I’m so easily enticed by risk~ only because I seek the most growth.. so here’s hoping I don’t get burned and this wave won’t crash me down. Living is the most fun/interesting game I’ve ever played I tell’ya what.. ****welcoming all to come play with me****

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*multiple orgasms in one sitting are my favorite*

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Before I went vegetarian, I did not like broccoli and cauliflower, I had never tasted avocadoes, never thought about mixing in nuts and seeds with my food. Never really appreciated the sweetness of fruits and orange veggies.
Before I went vegan, I had never experimented with dates and peanut butter, never realized that dark chocolate is so much tastier than milk chocolate and so much more satisfying. Never knew how ice cream and yummy cookies can be made out of a bunch of over ripe bananas, which you got for free. Never guessed how magical cashews are and how they can be turned into cheesy sauces or dips, or that almonds make the best white crumbly cheese. I had never really appreciated hummus, delicious homemade pesto and the yumminess of smoothies.
I discovered chia and flax seeds, which are excellent egg replacers and thickeners, Who knew oats left to soak overnight could be so good?
No, vegetarianism and veganism are not limiting. They just open you up to a whole new world. And the awesome feeling of knowing that you’re living healthily while leaving less marks on mother earth, and hurting no animals is irreplaceable.
― Mary Lyse (via fightingforanimals)
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Anonymous: you are a radiant goddess.. the light you shine over the inter web must be nothing compared to your physical presence

oh wow this is really kind.. I mean, I’m beaming ear to ear with a big’ole smile.. thank you sweet spirit.. I can feel your beauty in these words, keep sharing them with us all~

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